The Ministry of Industry continues to spur the growth of the shipping component industry in an effort to realize the independence of the nation in the development of the maritime sector. Therefore, partisanship is needed to increase the use of domestic production and competitiveness at the global level.

“The current government has prioritized the ship industry in national development, especially to make Indonesia the world’s maritime axis,” said Director General of the Metal, Machinery, Transportation and Electronics Industry (ILMATE) I Guti Putu Suryawirawan

The shipping industry is a strategic sector that contributes to the national economy with its characteristics as a labor-intensive, capital-intensive and technology-intensive industry. In addition, the maritime industry sector is not only able to boost economic activity, but also as a symbol of state sovereignty through strengthening the connectivity of sea transportation facilities

Since the implementation of Presidential Instruction number 5 of 2005 concerning Empowerment of the National Shipping Industry through the enactment of the cabotage principle, there has been an increase in the number of Indonesian-flagged vessels from 6,041 units in June 2005 to 13,224 units in February 2014.