In accordance with Law no. 23 of 2006, the initial purpose of an Electronic KTP (e-KTP) was to obtain a single identity of all Indonesian citizens. This means that all residents are required to have a KTP as a population document. In addition, the program from the Ministry of the Interior (Kemendagri) is a program to get the validity of the population documents, said Hammam Riza, Director of the Center for Information and Communication Technology (PTIK) BPPT when interviewed in his office.

Prerequisites for the issuance of e-KTP, said Hammam, every Indonesian citizen from birth must already have a Population Identification Number (NIK). Therefore, NIK is used as the basis and initial stage in the issuance of e-KTP. In other words, e-KTP and NIK are a unity, in e-KTP contains NIK, he explained.

Besides aiming at a single identity, according to him it is believed that with the e-KTP the population database is unique and integrated. So that e-KTP can be useful not only as a single identity, but also facilitate the implementation of public services related to people’s lives, Hammam said.

The e-KTP has been implemented in several cities in Indonesia. The e-KTP will be held in two stages throughout Indonesia. The first phase in 2011 covered 197 municipal districts consisting of 2348 sub-districts. Then in 2012 it will be implemented in 300 city districts consisting of 3886 districts, he explained.

Speaking about funding, according to him in the e-KTP identification, 6.3 Trillion Funds had been provided. The fund is not a large amount of funds for the volume of issuance of an e-KTP, amounting to 172 million. As is known in the application of e-KTP technology, it does not merely print cards, but 50% of the costs are related to e-KTP blanks, personalization, recording systems, fingerprint identification and communication networks. So many components must be provided in order to implement e-KTP as a system that must operate continuously, he explained.

Meanwhile, judging from the results of the evaluation in 2009, tests have been taken in six districts of the city. In the quotation test has been carried out concerning the entire process related to the issuance of e-KTP, so far the results have been useful input for improving the technical requirements needed for a reliable and sustainable e-KTP, he said.

The benefits of implementing e-KTP are expected to have a national impact. Such as, it can function in verification and become a source of data for elections and improve the country’s image that Indonesia has a reliable population identification, and is able to provide a sense of security for one’s population status. In terms of state security, e-KTP can also fight terrorism, illegal workers, illegal immigrants and misuse of documents, he explained

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Functions and conditions that have not yet been optimized are many residents who are still not in accordance with their domicile and residence. So that the resulting data in each region is not controlled and results in the failure of fundamental functions. For example, if there is a natural disaster, or this co-19 disaster, the recipient’s data will not be accurate, prone to acts of corruption on the ground.
For things that are no less important to deal with the changing era of 4.0, a lot of social media that recruit users by not paying attention to the principle of carelessness, only consider in quantity rather than quality and safety. For example: Everyone can have as many fake Twitter accounts as possible, as many face book accounts as possible, as many Instagram accounts as possible, so that the accuracy of the contents and the user impacts the information conveyed to the public at large as like pornografi . The state should have applied the principle of one E-KTP one social media user, for example a Facebook account, an Instagram account, a Twitter account and other types of social media that are official in Indonesian society.
in other cases, the application of motor vehicle ownership is still a problem, if this can be integrated with EKTP there will be no problems when the tax will end, if the tax has not been paid, the data should be integrated into the official parking database, toll road. so the use of vehicles is restricted.

The urgent step : Strategic steps to overcome this is to establish a task force to improve the E-KTP data base throughout Indonesia, with the application of sanctions and penalties.

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