Masman Family behind of KEMAN Product Succes

PT. KEMENANGAN was established on 1st February 1954 by the late Mr. Tedjo Masman. The enterprise was in the form of a firm and called FIRMA KEMENANGAN, that later on, on 29th September 1963, it was a Limited Company.

Mr. Tedjo Masman was born on 15 November 1906 in Tuban, East Java, Indonesia. Earlier he obtained employment at BAT Company (British American Tobacco) in Semarang, then at Yokohama Bank (at present The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi) , and finally at Gosho Kabushiki Kaisha (at present Kanematsu Corporation) .

Since its commencement, the Company has had involved in the goods and services for Government of Republic of Indonesia, such as the Ministry of Defense, Monistry of Communications, and others.

The founder of PT KEMENANGAN possessed a philosophy in running the day-to-day business, namely Honesty, Hard-working and Courage to face the challanges. Ever since 1954, the Company has grown solidly, able to exist and develop in times and conditions of ever changings.

Originated only from an importer and supplier of the needs of Government's commodities and services, PT KEMENANGAN has also involved in the services for other private sectors, such as Oil & Gas Companies, Coal Mining Companies and other heavy industries such as industries of steel, cements, petrochemical plant are a few to mention here. The Company has been able to develop multi-sourcings from several countries and local contents, beside its competency of engineering. One of the engineering developing capabilities is in the form of cooperation with foreign companies and purchasing their software-supports.

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